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Five essential steps to run a video game project

Step back and think about the game that marked you the most. What came first in your mind ?

Probably the main characters or a specific place from the game.

The strength of a game, aside its gameplay, rely mainly in the universe it proposes to its players and this is why the aesthetical dimension is one of the biggest issue in game development.

Midgar turns your vision into reality providing you with high quality models, to enhance your players’ experience with a delightful world.

Why do I need it ?

  • To attract players before they play the game with an appealing universe
  • To increase ROI by hiring professional game artists

 Nowadays animation in video games have reach a level where the boundaries between real and virtual became increasingly thinner.  Animation is what breathe life into your universe and make it credible to the eyes of the players.

Midgar provides you with realistic animations to enhance your cut-scenes and animate static objects and characters. Using the latest technologies and tools we deliver you persuasive animations adapted to your artistic direction.

Why do I need it ?

  • To sublimate your cut-scenes with realistic animations able to involve the player emotionally.

Level Design is an important step in a game conception. Creating boring levels will ruin one. On the other hand a level that is too frustrating can similarly ruin a gaming experience. To avoid these frustrations and perfect your game, you need to smartly manage the pacing of the level.

Midgar helps you to create compelling gaming experience working with you to conceive impactful level with the proper set dressing.

Why do I need it ?

  • To propose an effective and dynamic gaming experience that seduces the players and retain their interests in the game.

From heightening the drama in a scene to communicating information to the players, VFX (visual effects) plays an important role in video games. First it forms a non verbal language that points to the player if something is dangerous or friendly making his experience smoother. Secondly, visual effects participate to deliver a belivable world to the players thanks to specific smoke or sparks turning the environment in a dynamic and evolving universe.

Midgar focuses on delivering visually impressive moment to add the «Wow » factor to your game.

Why do I need it ?

  • Because having big fucking explosions make a tremendous difference.

Rendering and compositing cook the secret sauce that makes a game look apart from the rest. These operations dictate and manipulate how the art assets should look like in the game through the use of lighting and shaders.

It gives the game its unique taste, and offer a singular experience for its players.

Why do I need it ?

One picture worth thousand words, check out what we have done with our game Edge of Eternity : CLICK HERE

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