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Helping you to deliver outstanding video games with high standing services.


Midgar provide a wide range of services in the video game industry to assist you at every step of your game development.


Working with highly experienced professionals, allows us to offer prized complementary services and high quality assets.

Working Method

Striving for satisfaction, we provide a set of tools to relieve you from the pressure of project tracking.

Our methodology allows our clients to be fully involved in the various creation phases to deliver the exact asset they imagined and avoid wastes of time.

Midgar Studio

Midgar Studio is a game development company located in the south of France since 2008. The studio focuses on developing its own games and providing quality services that goes beyond clients’ expectations.

With over 10 years of experience and several successful projects, we carefully select the projects in which we are invested in order to offer our partners services of a level of quality that is unrivalled on the market.

🇫🇷 Notre équipe s'agrandit !⭐

En cette rentrée 2022, nous recherchons de nouveaux talents pour un jeu non annoncé :

· Environment Artist (Stage) :
· VFX Artist (CDI) :

#GameJobs #recruiting #job #hiring #careers #offres #VFX

"Call me a snake charmer cause there's a new mascot in town!"

New products, redesigned ranges, and starring in her own idol game, Nacon-chan embodies our ambitions for the future.

"Better get used to seeing me around, baka!"

For several weeks, Manon Sam, Character Artist at @MidgarStudio has been secretly designing Nacon-chan, a new mascot for our friends at @Nacon👀

His work on Edge Of Eternity can be seen on his portfolio:

Check it out⬇️

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