Edge Of Eternity

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Edge of Eternity is a single player J-RPG. It is a Strategic RPG with dynamic turn based combats bringing together the Japanese and the Western RPG traditions The game offers a unique experience combining classic renewed features with innovative gameplay mechanics.

It is an original world mixing fantasy and space opera with a rich and mature narration. The storyline takes the player on a long journey on Heryon, a planet with different vast and exotic environments plunged in a devastating war between Heryon’s inhabitants and mysterious invaders coming from space.

  The game offers epic combats based off a unique strategical ATB system enhanced by tactical movements on a combat grid and possible interactions with the environment that open rich and varied events during battles.

The gameplay contains many features: weapon evolution, gem socketing, gear, potion crafting, crystal melting, special attacks and many other features for the player to discover.


Available on most of platforms :